What has manifested in the 21st century is a society that fosters and grows ideas more rapidly and with greater complexity than earlier generations due to the accelerating growth of systems of communication. This has led to large scale collaborative efforts carried out on a daily basis for all participants in this communication network. Those who are users of this complex and instant communication have become accustomed to a reality that provides instant feedback. We are part of a system that validates in some way, that we have acted and have an effect.

It has turned us into Individuals who thrive on collaboration, whether it is by interacting with another individual living on the other side of the world via a digital interface, an entire “Twittersphere” “retweeting” information regarding upcoming protests that can appear to emerge almost instantaneously, or interacting with a virtual entity programmed to carry the spirit of man.

We do not want to just be the receivers of information who simply sit and process, with nowhere to send the recompiled, reprocessed data. The journey from thought to idea no longer has the analogue hurdles of time and space to cross in order to become reality. The endpoint in a line of communication is unnecessary if no one and no thing answers and provides feedback. We simply seek to validate for ourselves that we exist, and that we are necessary.